LSI-Controls develops and produces an extensive range of cost effective, custom designed control systems used in a wide variety of markets, from industrial production processes to consumer electronics. With extensive expertise across a full range of hardware and embedded software development, our team has the expertise, experience, and real-world knowledge to create innovative, connected, and mobile devices to make your next product development challenge a success.

We support all modern micro-controller families and communications protocols, including:

  • PIC, ARM, Arduino, TI, etc.
  • CAN-BUS, BACnet, Bluetooth, BLE, IPv4, IPv6, etc.



LSI Controls manufactures our products 100% onshore in the USA to provide the highest quality and flexibility to our clients. And, as the recently confirmed trend toward “reshoring” illustrates, other companies are now starting to agree that the greater degree of quality control, increased manufacturing flexibility and tangible cost savings offer powerful advantages in today’s competitive market. LSI Controls offers up-to-date, modern manufacturing technology, strict process controls, and a relentless passion for precision to craft products meeting the highest quality standards.



With circuit density and complexity increasing, and die sizes decreasing, the use of modern highly sophisticated Automated Test Equipment (ATE) is essential for verification and validation of today’s electronic systems. LSI Controls employs numerous Open Test Standard (OTS) electronic test equipment components and fixtures, integrated into a full featured Common Test Platform (CTP). These test systems are extensively employed throughout the development and manufacturing lifecycle from the conceptual and design phases through manufacture and distribution, for incoming inspection, quality assurance, and production testing of the electronic devices and subassemblies that LSI Controls produces. The intent of the CTP is to ensure consistency in hardware and software test procedures as part of a comprehensive overall quality assurance program.