LunaMar Smart Docking Systems
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SmartDOCK Specifications
VHF Controlled Dock Lighting, Boat Lift, and More

Summary of Features:

  • Select from 12 USCG/FCC allowed channels: 7A, 9, 10, 18A, 19A, 68, 69, 71, 78A, 79A, 80A, and 88
  • Up to 3 user selectable "Click Codes"
  • 3 independent (or slaved together) action contacts
  • Two 16AMP contacts, 1 8AMP contact
  • Full Overcurrent limiting, over voltage and thermal shutdown protection
  • IP65 Environment protected enclosure
  • Easy DIY or Regular Electrician install
  • Easy one-time, menu driven configuration
  • Call if you need a 12 VDC battery or solar powered SmartDOCK system for generator starting

LSI Controls, Inc. ( has provided comprehensive design and manufacturing services of high density electronic systems and components for both OEM and aftermarket upgrade applications since 1979.

SKU: LM-001