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High Efficiency, Dual Output ±15VDC, 1Amp, Step-Up Switching Regulator replacement for the PT5061A

The LS5061A is a dual output 1 Amp step-up switching regulator as a direct drop-in replacement for the obsolete PT5061A. With a unique Idle Mode™ control scheme, the controller operates in PWM mode at medium and heavy loads for lowest noise and optimum efficiency, then pulses only as needed (with reduced inductor current) to reduce operating current and maximize efficiency under light loads. Offered in horizontal or vertical thru-hole or surface mount configurations.

  • +15VDC (1A continuous / 2A peak)
  • -15VDC (500mA continuous / 1A peak)
  • Input Voltage: +4.75 to +5.5VDC
  • Configured as a Surface mount(S) or Thru Hole Horizontal (TH) or Thru Hole Vertical (TV) device
  • Pin compatible drop in replacement for the obsolete TI or Power Trends PN: PT5061A
  • 20pc min order

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